Does your factory have an urgent, challenging project on its hands? Temporary production workers can help you through busy periods and difficult orders.

Glosema partners with labour providers to source affordable, temporary manufacturing workers. This factory staff can be used to help in various areas of production, from welding , metalworking and assembly line operations to warehouse and pick & pack labour.



from £14.00 net
Pick and Pack services

Pick & Pack

from £14.00 net
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from £17.00 net

Our European workers can fill any gaps in your production, making them ideal temporary warehouse workers. When you have difficult orders coming up, or are reaching a period of peak production, additional staffing can help ensure you meet your targets and don’t fall behind in your schedule.

So, if you need additional warehouse and factory workers, get in touch with us! Tell us about your needs and we’ll make you an individual offer with our solution!