The exterior of the building is done, but what about inside? A complete construction needs a finished interior and, for this, you will need the help of specialist workers.

Glosema works with labour providers to find specialist, skilled workers for temporary hiring or leasing in the UK. Whether you need flooring, tiling, drywall, painting, plumbing or electrical installation specialists, we can provide you with the temporary labourers you need to complete any construction or building project.

floor worker with pencil


from £15.00 net
Tile worker laying tiles


from £16.00 net


from £16.00 net
drywall construction workers

Dry wall construction

from £15.00 net
painting and decorating workers

Painting & Decorating

from £15.00 net


from £15.00 net

Electric Installation

from £16.00 net

Furthermore, temporary interior finish workers can help deliver projects on time, especially if the exterior work takes too long. Our providers can supply works from Eastern Europe that are cheap, experienced and ready to help finish any interior. We offer a fast, efficient solution with no complications. If you need proven, skilled labourers for your next project, get in touch with us today!