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Who are we?

We are your marketplace for outsourcing. Leasing personnel from Eastern Europe is a convenient way of minimising the fixed costs a conventional employment causes. If you are looking for a competent partner for workforce and subcontractor placement services with clear and simple contracts, you’ve come to the right place!

Contact Glosema to source skilled Polish workers across a range of trades. We cooperate with a network of specially-selected labour providers, capable of delivering proven and experienced teams. Polish labourers and construction workers are highly appreciated and valued for the experience, range of skills and sheer motivation. If you’re looking for excellent, educated and highly-driven workers, you’re come to the right company!

Sourcing temporary labour is an easy, convenient and secure way to meet your deadlines and complete projects. is designed by a passionate team with experience in creating leading web portals. Thanks to the internet, we can quickly and efficiently communicate, enabling our customer service to be as effective as possible.

Our service bridges the gap between clients and our network of proven labour providers and contractor teams. If you’re looking for the best workforce solution to fill temporary needs in your company, we have the skilled and experienced labour for you!

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