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We source temporary and seasonal workers from Europe, to help UK businesses during their most busy periods. Whether its a large project or peak season, we can help companies solve their staffing needs across a range of trades and industries! Our Polish workers arrive on site within two weeks!


Haven't found the exact service you need? Call us or send us your request and you will receive a unique, individual offer in one working day!

Glosema - your B2B temporary labour provider

Sourcing temporary labour is an easy, convenient and secure way to meet your deadlines and complete projects. Glosema can provide workers across a range of skills and trades is designed by a passionate team with experience in creating leading web portals. Thanks to the internet, we can quickly and efficiently communicate, enabling our customer service to be as effective as possible.

Our service bridges the gap between clients and our network of proven labour providers and contractor teams. If you’re looking for the best workforce solution to fill temporary needs in your company, we have the skilled and experienced labour for you!

The founders of Glosema Ltd. have over 20 years of experience in supplying high-quality services across Europe, so we are sure we can source the perfect temporary labour team for your business!

Find seasonal staff in just 4 easy steps:

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Glosema will answer and talk to our labour providers

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If you accept the offer, you can sign the contract

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Once the contract is signed, your team will arrive on-site on the agreed date


  • all our Teams are well tested and have already worked in western Europe
  • work according to all european standards
  • are well qualified
  • have years of experience


  • securing steady number of team members implementing the contract
  • legal supervision during the contract
  • financial monitoring

Haven't found service you need? Call us or send your request, you will recieve your individual offer in one working day!


All of our worker teams come with references from Western European contractors. This can be happily shared with any clients that hire our labourers.


All of our teams are well tested and have previously worked in western Europe. As such, you can count on them to work according to all European and UK work standards, thanks to their years of experience.


Our providers offer legal help, assistance and supervision throughout the contract, to ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible.

The Advantages of Ordering Labour With Glosema:


Just one invoice for accounting makes your finances much more simpler & easier to balance.


Our team will always have the professional specialists you need.


Each team has a supervisor that acts as your go-to person for all communication needs.


Save money without sacrificing quality. Over time, your savings will rapidly grow!


We are your marketplace for outsourcing. Leasing personnel from Eastern Europe is a convenient way of minimising the fixed costs a conventional employment causes. If you are looking for a competent partner for workforce and subcontractor placement services with clear and simple contracts, you've come to the right place!


Contact Glosema to source skilled Polish workers across a range of trades. We cooperate with a network of specially-selected labour providers, capable of delivering proven and experienced teams. Polish labourers and construction workers are highly appreciated and valued for the experience, range of skills and sheer motivation. If you’re looking for excellent, educated and highly-driven workers, you’re come to the right company!

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