Glosema specialises in sourcing temporary workers from Europe (primarily Eastern Europe and Polish labour). Using such seasonal staff has been a long-standing tradition in the UK and many industries recognise the benefits they bring.

Farming, for example, has made regular use of migrant labour, including Polish workers, and it forms a vital part of the industry. However, if you’re still not sure, we’ve compiled an FAQ to answer some of the more common concerns you may have.

Q: How Does The Hiring Process Work?

A: When you contact Glosema, we will ask you about your company and the type of work you are looking for. The key information we require includes:

  • How many workers do you require?
  • What type of workers do you require?
  • Where will the work take place and are you providing accommodation?
  • Will tools be provided?

We will then speak to our labour providers. In turn, they will be able to generate an individual offer for you, contacting you shortly to give you a direct quote.

We do not share any of your information with other third parties or companies, outside of our labour providers. We also do not ask for any personal or sensitive information.

From this point, you can discuss the terms with the provider and, if a contract is agreed upon, you can look forward to receiving your temporary labour on-site when you need it.

Q: How Long Can Your Labourers Work For?

A: Our workers can generally operate for periods of 5-6 weeks. Furthermore, because these workers are coming from Europe, it can take some time before they arrive, so it is often best to notify us as early as possible.

It is also very possible to have temporary labour for much longer, but we often rotate individual labourers. This is because much of the work often involves menial tasks, so it is in the interest of both parties to occasionally provide new labour. This way, the worker gets to start a new job with added motivation, and you receive a new worker that is eager to get started.

Q: Are European Labourers Motivated To Work?

A: In short, yes! Migrant workers often come to the UK to earn money at a higher rate than the work available in their home countries. Since they are only working for a short term, they are motivated to work as well as possible, often choosing to work extra hours (when the opportunity is offered).

This is why many of our customers continue to choose temporary labour to support their business during peak periods. They know that these workers are happy to perform all the tasks that are required of them, as well as readily volunteering for overtime.

Q: Do These Foreign Workers Speak English?

A: Not all of our foreign workers speak English. However, English speaking workers are available, although this usually comes at a slightly higher rate.

In many cases, English is not requirement but, when it is, you do not always need to hire a complete team of English-speaking workers. As long as one person can communicate, this is enough to ensure work is carried out and performed correctly.

Q: Are Foreign Workers Skilled & Qualified?

A: When it comes to specific trades, our providers find workers that have experience in that industry and area of work. When specific qualifications are required, we do our best to source workers that either have these qualifications, or a certificate of a matching European standard.

Q: Do We Comply With The Modern Slavery Act & The GLA?

A: Glosema works with partnered labour providers, all of which comply with the UK’s Modern Slavery Act 2015. You can be assured that no organisation in our network takes advantage of foreign workers.

In fact, as part of our transparency, we include the base cost for each worker, per hour, on our website. As you can see, our workers are paid a fair wage to comply with all UK requirements.

Similarly, our labour providers are registered with the GLA, or Gangmaster & Labour Abuse Authority. They are also members of the ALP, or Association of Labour Providers, and actively work to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all our workers.

Q: Are You Hiring Or Looking For Additional Workers?

A: Glosema is not focused on recruiting staff. We work with labour providers that have their own workforce and means of recruitment.

Q: Why Should I Choose Glosema?

A: You should choose to Glosema because we are not a labour provider: we work through our labour providers to find you the best workers or labour teams. This saves you time and streamlines the entire process of having to source temporary labour.

Furthermore, our labour providers are based in the UK. This means that, while the labour itself will come from Europe, you are directly dealing with another British business.

Q: How Do I Get Started?

A: If you know you’re going to need some additional labour, just get in touch! You can call (+44 20 3807 3997) e-mail ([email protected]) or fill out the form over on our contact page.